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The TOP Team Approach  

     At TOP Rehab we offer our patients the whole "package"; a hands on approach, where all your therapy needs are met!

Minimizing Pain & Maximizing Function 

We treat patients of all ages who want to return to an independent life of well-being by actively working toward recovery. 

Maximum Results - Superior Rehabilitative Care 

At TOP Rehab we use state of the art equipment and the latest treatment technology to assure our patients maximum results. 
Our team approach to rehabilitation means that you and your doctor will work with our highly experienced, qualified, licensed staff. 


What we can treat: 

  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • Back injuries i.e.  post-op rehabilitation  and disc problems 

  • Balance problems/dizziness/vertigo

  • Burns, open wounds, lacerations

  • Foot and Ankle Disorders

  • Hand rehabilitation: carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tendon repairs 

  • Hypotonia (low tone)

  • Lymphedema

  • Musculoskeletal/muscle diseases/soft tissue injuries: bursitis, tendonitis, whiplash, sprains & strains 

  • Muscle strains/sprains and muscle diseases - fractures, sprains, strains

  • Neck Problems

  • Neurological disorders: Parkinson's Disease, post-polio syndrome, multiple sclerosis, stroke, closed head and spinal cord injuries 

  • OB/GYN - urinary incontinence, pelvic floor muscle weakness, low back/pelvic pain 

  • Occupational/work related injuries 

  • Orthopedic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation: joint injuries, joint replacement, arthroscopy, fractures, poor posture, scoliosis, neck and back disc problems

  •  Pediatrics: Cerebral Palsy (diplopic, quadriplegic, athebid), Down’s Syndrome, developmental delays/PDD, sensory integration disorder

  •  Poor Posture/ Scoliosis

  •  Rheumatic Diseases: osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia

  •  Soft Tissue Injuries: Bursitis, Tendonitis  

  •  Speech and language disorders 

  •  Swallowing and voice disorders  

  •  Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

  •  Vestibular Rehabilitation  

Scheduling Appointments   

To schedule your appointment for evaluation call: 

Tullahoma Office:    (931) 455-5189   7 AM to  6 PM, Monday through Friday

  Manchester Office: (931) 728-5189  8 AM to 6 PM, Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday


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Physical Therapy

TOP Rehab Services, Inc., is a comprehensive locally owned and operated rehabilitation facility conveniently located to serve the people of Coffee, Franklin, Bedford, and Moore counties.  Our services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy on an outpatient basis.

  Our TOP team of highly trained licensed therapists and support staff takes a personal interest in our patients.  Our state-of- the-art facilities afford them the use of the latest techniques and equipment for optimum patient treatment.

  TOP’s therapists are involved with restoring functional and independence at all levels.   Examples include: helping someone to walk again following a stroke or head injury, helping a child with developmental delays, or helping an athlete return to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.

  TOP’s therapist work directly with physicians, dentists, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, & physician's assistants to develop their patients' plan of treatment.

  TOP’s objective is to meet each patient’s total rehabilitation needs.  We are proud of our success record.  Restoring a patient to his/her most functional level as quickly as possible is our primary goal.



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Occupational Therapy

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

· People with repetitive motion or cumulative trauma injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome, upper extremity tendonitis, etc

· People needing wound care

· People with work-related injuries

· People who have had a stroke or heart attack

· People with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or other serious illnesses

· Children with birth injuries, learning problems, or developmental disabilities

· People with burns, spinal cord injuries, or amputations

· People with broken bones or other upper extremity injuries from sports, falls, or accidents

Adult Occupational Therapy Services

· Evaluations and treatment of upper extremity injuries examples: tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, trigger finger, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, trauma, etc.

· Specialized in the evaluation and treatment of upper extremity wounds

· Customized treatment programs aimed at improving abilities to carry out daily living and vocational activities

· Comprehensive evaluation of job environments and recommendations on necessary adaptations

· Assessment of and treatment for work performance skills

· Recommendations and training in the use of adaptive equipment to replace lost function

· Instructions to family members and caregivers in safe and effective methods of caring for persons with disabilities

· Extensive dynamic and static upper extremity splinting program including assessment and fabrication of splints.

· Work Hardening

· Functional Capacity Evaluation

· Pre-Work Screens

· Ergonomic Evaluations

· Wheelchair Evaluations

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

· Specialized visual perceptual testing and treatment  

· NDT facilitation/techniques

· Sensory integration (SI) treatment principles

· Fine motor coordination and dexterity

· School system evaluations and treatment

· Splinting

· ADL training

· Oral motor facilitation/desensitization

· Behavior modification

· Motor planning/ideation activities



Hand Therapy

A Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) has a minimum of five years experience and 4,000 or more hours of clinical practice in hand therapy.  They must also pass a national exam.  This degree of certification means patients working with an upper extremity injury can often hasten their return to a productive lifestyle.  A CHT is recognized by the medical community as a specialist in upper extremity rehabilitation.



·Hand/Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

·Custom Splinting

·Assessment of Adaptive Equipment Needs

·Wound Care


·Functional Capacity Evaluations of the Upper Extremity


Custom Splinting

TOP Rehab is very proud to have a highly qualified CHT on staff.  Any splint can be custom fabricated for you on site, often while you wait.  Our premier Occupational Therapy team will work to ensure that you are treated compassionately and with  respect.  We can provide custom static and dynamic upper extremity splints.  Static splints are typically provided to protect injured or surgically repaired structures, support weakened structures to increase functional performance of daily activities and to correct joint deformity.  Dynamic splints are used to either assist with regaining mobility or to allow early protected mobilization as in the case of a tendon repair.  


               Dynamic Splint  Sample                                 Static Splint Sample


Types of Conditions Treated by CHT

Hand Therapy Injuries to the hand and upper extremities can be complex, involving bone, tendon, nerve and/or skin.  Recovery is equally dependent upon expert physician care and early, appropriate therapy.  The goal of treatment is to help patients regain full hand and upper extremity function for daily activities.  We provide care for patients with the following conditions:

·    Cumulative trauma

·    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·    Tendonitis and Trigger Finger

·    Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

·    Surgical/Non-Surgical Fractures

·    Tendon Lacerations

·    Burns

·    Wrist and Elbow Injuries

·    Nerve Injuries

·    Amputations

·    Soft Tissue Injuries

·    Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

·    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

·    Scleroderma

·    Shoulder Conditions (such as rotator cuff, tendonitis, frozen shoulder)

Hand/Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

A  CHT can identify problems unique to the upper extremities and can effectively treat and rehabilitate patients with conditions involving the upper extremities.  Our focus is on providing continuum of care throughout the recovery process while valuing the importance of one-on-one time with each patient.  Our experienced hand therapist can offer patients help by assisting with any of the following areas; to return them to a productive lifestyle.

·    Education Regarding Management of Arthritic Symptoms (which include techniques to minimize joint deformity, appropriate types of exercise, splinting & joint protection training)

·    Management of acute or chronic pain

·    Desensitization following nerve injury or trauma

·    Sensory re-education after nerve injury

·    Design and implementation of exercise programs to increase motion and/or strength

·    Prosthetic training

·    Training in the performance of daily life skills through adapted methods

·    Training in ergonomic principles

·    Management of Joint stiffness & swelling

Wound Care

Any patient who has a wound, acute or chronic, that is not showing signs of healing after 3 weeks or patients with complicated surgical wounds should be considered as a candidate for wound care.


Speech Therapy

What do Speech Pathologists Do?

Speech-language pathologist help people develop their communication abilities as well as treat speech, language, swallowing, and voice disorders.  Their services include prevention, identification, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation.


Activities to Encourage Speech & Language Development

· Teach your baby to imitate your actions, including clapping you hands, throwing kisses, and playing finger games such as pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo, and the itsy-bitsy-spider.

· Talk as you bathe, feed, and dress your baby.  Talk about what you are doing, where you are going, what you will do when you arrive, and who and what you will see.

· Identify colors.  Count items. Use gestures such as waving goodbye to help convey meaning.

· Introduce animal sounds to associate a sound with a specific meaning: “the doggie says woof-woof.”

· Read to your child.  Sometimes “reading” is simply describing the pictures in a book without following the written words.

· Use good speech that is clear and simple for your child to model.  Ask questions that require a choice.  “do you want an apple or an orange?”  “Do you want to wear your red or blue shirt?”

· Expand vocabulary.  Name body parts, and identify what you do with them.  “This is my nose.  I can smell.”


Industrial Rehabilitation  Isernhagen Programs 

  •  FCE, work hardening/conditioning 
  •  Prework/post-hire screens 
  •  Ergonomic/job analysis & onsite rehab services 
  •  CTD prevention 
  •  Back/neck school 
  •  Industrial exercise programs 





Aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy that involves performing exercises in the water.  Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty with weight bearing activities due to arthritis, recent fracture, sprains, or their weight.  Exercising in the water provides several benefits that exercise on land can not. 

First, buoyancy of the water provides an unloading of the weight bearing joints of the spine, knee, and hips.  This is helpful for those who can not tolerate exercise on land due to joint pain.  Water also provides assistance and resistance while exercising so that one can progress through various levels of activity while increasing strength.

Aquatic therapy is beneficial for a variety of patient populations.  People who suffer from arthritis often have an improvement in range of motion from aquatic therapy.  Water unloads uncomfortable extremities while helping to loosen stiff joints.  Another patient population that has found aquatic therapy to be quite beneficial, includes patients with fibromyalgia.





TOP Rehab has 2 convenient locations to serve the Middle Tennessee Area.

  Manchester Office

205 S. Woodland St.



Manchester Office: (931) 728-5189  8 AM to 6PM, Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday

205 South Woodland St., Manchester, TN  37355



Meet our TOP Clinical Staff

Lisa Hatfield, RPT  Owner/Physical Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc. 

Lisa Hatfield  received her bachelor’s degree cum laude in 1981 from the University of Pittsburgh.  From 1981 through 1986, she worked as a staff physical therapist, at a nursing home, a hospital and a clinic in the Pittsburgh area, while she pursuing further training through, specialized courses and seminars on such subjects as pain management, electrotherapy posture, rolfing and work capacity evaluation. 
In 1986, Lisa moved to Tullahoma,  joining the staff of TheraCare in Murfreesboro.  Two years to the month after moving to, Tullahoma, she struck out on her own opening TOP Rehab in Jackson Medical Plaza in Tullahoma.  After five years in rented quarters, TOP Rehab opened its newly constructed building further out North Jackson Street and in 1998 opened a branch office in Manchester. 
Over the past 12 years, TOP Rehab has developed along two distinct but related lines treating patients on physician referral and offering individually structured programs as the Wellness Center.  
Andrea Barnett Turner, RPT.,  Tullahoma Clinical Coordinator, Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
Andrea was raised in Tullahoma and graduated from Tullahoma High School in 1994.  She attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga earning her B.S. in Physical Therapy in August of 1998.  Andrea moved to Glasgow, KY where she worked at the local hospital, T. J. Samson Community Hospital.  In June of 2002 she joined the TOP Rehab team, moving back to Tullahoma to be closer to family.  Andrea's area of interest include neck and back pain, post-op rehab and wound care.  Andrea is married and has three children: Clay, Jack and Mallory.
Tracey Mason, PTA., Physical Therapy Assistant TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
Tracey grew up in Decherd, TN. She attended Franklin Co High School where she played softball and swam on the swim team. She graduated from high school in 2003. After high school she attended Motlow Community College for 2 years then entered the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Chattanooga State. She completed the PTA program in May 2007 and graduated with an Associates of Applied Science Degree. She passed her state boards in May 2007 and joined Top Rehab on June 11, 2007. She was married to Shaun Mason on June 2, 2007. She now lives in Tullahoma with her husband, daughter Abby, 4 dogs and 1 cat.


Shawn Tallman, PTA., Physical Therapy Assistant TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Shawn grew up in Ravenswood, WV and graduated from Ravenswood High School in 1996. He later continued his education at Washington State Community College located in Ohio. Shawn graduated from the Physical Therapy Assistant Program in 2009. After graduation, Shawn accepted the position to join the TOP Rehab team, so he and his family moved to Tennessee.

Shawn and his wife Jennifer live in Normandy with their three children; Rachael – 14, Nicholas – 11 and Allison – 4. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys fishing, camping and spending time with his family. 

Pam North, PTA., Physical Therapy Assistant TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Pam joined the TOP Rehab team in April 2010. She is originally from Atlanta, GA. Pam attended Rossville High School in Georgia and graduated in 1987. She later attended Roane State Community College, located in Oak Ridge, TN, and graduated from the Physical Therapy Assistant Program in 1999. Pam is also a personal trainer certified by AFAA.

Pam currently lives in Ringgold, GA and commutes to work at TOP. She has a dog named Abby and in her spare time loves anything outdoors such as lying by the pool or going to the beach. Pam also likes to spend time with her family and friends.  

Carissa McCoig, Physical Therapy Assistant TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Carissa joined the TOP Rehab team in June 2010. She is originally from McMinnville, TN and graduated from Warren County High School in 2001. Carissa continued her education at Volunteer State Community College where she completed the Physical Therapy Assistant Program in May 2010. Carissa moved to Manchester six years ago and now lives with her fiancé Kevin, two cats – Petal and Ivory – and two dogs – Missy and Hagrid. 

Brian Boyd, OTR/L, CHT, Occupational Therapist & Certified Hand Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.                          Brian Boyd has recently earned the distinguished CHT designation after completing all required clinical studies and examinations.  These requirements include at least 5 years of clinical experience as a therapist, a minimum of 4,000 hours in direct practice in hand therapy, and successful completion of advanced clinical skills and theory in upper quarter rehabilitation and passing a comprehensive examination.  We are fortunate to have a CHT to provide treatment in the Tullahoma area.  Brian obtained his Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Alabama-Birmingham.  He did his clinical training in upper extremity rehabilitation at Siskin Rehab Hospital and Erlanger Regional Trauma Center in Chattanooga, TN and HealthSouth Hand Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama.  Brian and his wife live in Cowan with their two children ages 2 and 5.  

June MacNeil, Occupational Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
June graduated from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science & MS in Occupational Therapy. June also has a BA in Psychology with honors, and she graduated from New York School of Interior Design.

From 2000 to 2001 June worked as an Occupational Therapist at Blue Ridge Rehabilitation Association, Inc. in Charlottesville, VA. She also worked at Martha Jefferson Homecare, Inc. as an Occupational Therapist during that time. June then moved to Tennessee to be closer to her family: her sister and brother-in-law, niece and niece’s family and nephew and his children. From 2001 to 2006 she worked at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center in Nashville, TN as an Occupational Therapist and Ergonomist. From 2003 to 2006 she worked at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN as an Occupational Therapist in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. In 2006, June joined the TOP Rehab, Inc. Team.

June lives in Tullahoma with her standard schnauzer named Pepper and her cat Two. She enjoys being outdoors gardening, hiking and sailing. June has recently started taking lessons in oil painting.
Teresa Massa, COTA., Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
After growing up in Nashville, TN, Teresa attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Teresa taught Kindergarten briefly in Tennessee and Colorado and then moved to Tullahoma with her two children. As an instructor for the Skills School for Childhood Development, she found a growing interest in occupational therapy. In May 2008 Teresa graduated from Nashville State Technical Community College with an Associate's in Applied Science as an occupational therapy assistant. Teresa primarily treats pediatric patients as well as students in the Manchester City School System.
Anita Pierre-Louis, M.S.P. CCC-Speech Language Pathologist TOP Rehab Service, Inc.
Anita Pierre-Louis joined TOP Rehab Service, Inc in January 2009. She has 22 years of experience working with both children and adults. Areas of expertise include feeding/swallowing, articulation, language, augmentative communication and cognitive disorders in both populations. Anita holds the Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She has also many years of providing supervision of graduate and post-graduate students in the fiend of Speech Pathology.
Judy Babb, LMT., Massage Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
Judy has been a practicing Massage Therapy in the local community for over 20 years.  She specializes Integrative Therapy, but her passion is in Lymphedema Therapy.  Judy makes sure that each person receives customized therapy according to their own needs.    
Ron Clippard, LMT., Massage Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
Ron began his career in bodywork after becoming inspired at a book signing in 1995 hosted by author Dr. Andrew Weil. Realizing an unfulfilled desire to practice in the healthcare field, he enrolled at the Tennessee Institute of Healing Arts and graduated in 1997 with a certificate in Therapeutic Massage and NeuroMuscular Therapy. Ron practiced privately until being invited to join the team at TOP Rehab in late 2000. Ron continues to pursue excellence in the field of hands-on therapy with enthusiasm, compassion and joy.


Crystal Hale, LMT., Massage Therapist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.
Crystal Hale was born and raised in the small village of La Fayette, IL. While playing volleyball in high school she ruptured her ACL. It was during her Physical Therapy after surgery that she was first fascinated with the science and art of rehabilitation. After graduating from high school she went to college. After paying for two years of college and many changes of her major she decided to head home and work at the family nursery until she was clear on her goals.

Crystal started the Massage Therapy program at the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Wellness in Davenport, IL in 2003 and continued to work at the same time. While at ITMW, Crystal received the award for Community Service. She also had the opportunity to work on the Quad City Steamwheelers, the Arena Football team. After graduating with her certificate in Massage Therapy and becoming nationally certified, Crystal moved to Manchester, TN to get a job and to be with her boyfriend, William Hale. Crystal found the beginning of a new adventure when she joined the TOP Rehab, Inc. team. Crystal and William married in 2005 and now have two energetic boys. Crystal continues to pursue her dreams of being a great Massage Therapist, mom, wife and eventually one day the Physical Therapy Assistant she has wanted to be since high school.

                                                                                                                              Heath McCullough, ATC., Certified Athletic Trainer TOP Rehab Inc.

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Meet our TOP Office Staff

Lisa Cardwell, Vice President of Administration TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Lisa was born and raised in Tullahoma, TN. She graduated from Tullahoma High School in 1979 and then continued her education at Motlow State Community College and Samford University in Birmingham, AL where she majored in Business Management. Lisa has worked in the medical field since 1984 and in 2002 became a Certified Professional Coder. Lisa has been with TOP Rehab for the past 15 years as the Vice President of Administration.

Lisa married her high school sweetheart, Tullahoma native David Cardwell. They have been married for thirty years as of 2010. They have three children – Angela, Trey and Julie, one grandson – Connor, and five granddogs – Isabelle, Maibelle, Vincent, Rocco and Baxter. Their daughter Angela and son-in-law Chris Delucenay live in Murfreesboro, TN with their son Connor and dogs Isabelle and Maibelle. Lisa’s son Trey also lives in Murfreesboro with his dog Vincent, and her daughter Julie lives in Tullahoma with her dogs Rocco and Baxter. Since Lisa’s husband David is the THS softball coach, one of her greatest joys is being known as Mrs. Coach by the THS softball league. While Lisa is not out supporting the Lady Cats she enjoys scrap-booking, sewing, decorating, cooking, spending time with her family and spoiling her grandson, nieces and nephews.

Christy Bunch, Scheduling Coordinator TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Christy grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1992 with a B.A. in Psychology. She continued her education at UTK and got her Masters in Kinesiology in 1996. Christy started at TOP Rehab Services, Inc. November 4, 1996.

Christy is married to Scott and they have two children, Ross and Sidney. Christy enjoys spending time with her family and scrap-booking.

Kay Honey, Billing and AR Specialist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Kay has worked in the rehab field for over twenty years in areas such as billing, insurance, collections and management. She joined the TOP Rehab team in 2005 as the Billing and AR Specialist. Kay has completed several courses in Coding and Billing for Therapy and Rehab and Insurance Coding and Billing. 

Kay and her husband have been married for 37 years and live in Lynchburg. They have two children; Robyn and Neil. Robyn and her husband Paul Fletcher live in Lynchburg with their three children; Ben, Maecy and Katy. Kay’s son Neil lives with his wife Julie in Kingston, TN. Kay enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Fran Meeks, Marketing Coordinator and Patient Representative TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

As with working at TOP Rehab and wearing many hats, Fran has worn many hats in her life. She was born and raised in Hialeah, FL where she attended Dade County Community College after graduating from high school. Fran worked in Medical Records at the Hialeah Hospital before having her first child in 1968. From that time until her youngest started kindergarten, Fran was a stay-at-home-mom and also attended Long Beach Community College.

Some of the highlights of Fran’s many jobs were owning a chain of convenient stores, owning her own dairy and milking a small herd of brown swiss cows that her daughters showed at many dairy shows. This led her to being the Dairy Superintendent of the Tennessee State Fair for two years. Most of Fran’s working career has been in the medical field: working for doctors in private practices, working in a hospital and now working with TOP. She has been with TOP since October of 2001 and has worked in several positions. Fran worked in the Manchester office for five years until a position became available where she felt she could use her skills more to TOP’s advantage. Fran does marketing where she meets with doctors and their staff to let them know the benefits TOP has to offer their patients. She attends monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings and health fairs, is the patient advocate and helps her co-workers with some of their duties when needed.   

Trista Payne, Receptionist TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Trista was born and raised in Moore County, TN. She attended Moore County High School where she played softball. She graduated from MCHS in 2007. She then continued her education at Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville and graduated with a Certificate in Accounting in 2008. Trista joined the TOP Rehab team in April 2010.

Trista and her fiancé live in Moore County and are busy planning their wedding. They plan to be married October 2010. Trista enjoys spending time with her fiancé, friends and family.

Sharon Pragel, AR Collection Manager TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

After working in various office positions, Sharon joined TOP Rehab in 2009. She is originally from Indiana, lived in Florida and has lived happily in Tennessee for over thirty years. She and her husband Darrell have been married for thirty-six years and now live in Moore County. They have three sons; Justin, Jared and Jonathan. Justin and his wife Stephanie live in Coleman, AL with their three boys, soon to be four; Corbin, Braydon and Logan. Sharon’s son Jared is an artist and lives in Texas. Jonathan and his wife Courtney were married in December 2009 and now live in Murfreesboro, TN. Sharon has participated in Cub Scouts for many years and is currently the Committee Chairman for Pack 365 in Lynchburg. Sharon also enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with her family.  

Elizabeth Williams, Patient Account Manager TOP Rehab Services, Inc.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Tullahoma, TN. She graduated from Tullahoma High School in 1993. After working in different environments such as retail, at Worth and retail management, Elizabeth decided to change pace and join the TOP Rehab team in 2008 as our Patient Accounts Manager. 

Elizabeth and her husband Donny live in Tullahoma with their three children; Allie – 16, Jacob – 10 and Peyton – 3 months. Elizabeth loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.

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